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With their iridescent allure and captivating elegance, Pearls have graced the realm of jewelry for centuries.

These organic gems, formed within the depths of oysters, carry a delicate beauty that requires thoughtful care to preserve their natural luster and splendor.

Whether you've adorned yourself with a 12.0-13.0mm White South Sea Pearl & Diamond Paisley Pendant in 18K Gold or any other pearl jewelry, following proper care instructions is essential to ensure their lasting radiance.

Here, we present a comprehensive guide to safeguarding the enchanting allure of your pearls, allowing their timeless charm to shine through every moment.

Minimize Contact with Cosmetics

Put on your pearls after applying makeup. The same applies to fragrances, soaps, and body wash.

Keep Away from Grease

It's best to remove pearls when cooking for an extended period. Occasional dining out poses no issues.

Stay Clear of Water

Avoid wearing pearls during bathing or physical activities.

Pearls are organic gems that breathe, and water entering through tiny pores can lead to "fermentation," causing the string to discolor.

Store Individually in a Jewelry Box

Pearls require breathing space, so avoid using airtight bags.

Store them in a jewelry box or wrap them in soft cloth.

Store Flat

Avoid hanging pearl strands for prolonged periods, as silk threads may loosen and distort.

Threads should be replaced periodically.

Shield from Sunlight

Long exposure to direct sunlight accelerates pearl ageing and diminishes their luster.

Maintain Cleanliness

Use an eyeglass cloth or cashmere cloth to wipe pearls.

Avoid using tissues or facial tissues as they can cause abrasion and wear on the pearls.