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Pearl symbolism and legends

Admired and considered as priceless heels by several people across the globe. That is how valuable pearls are. A beautiful gem, with a lot of symbolic references and an aura of elegance. All over the world, pearls are not only adored, perhaps because of their rare natural beauty. In Asia, pearls are considered a symbol of wisdom that connects people to divinity. There are more symbolic meanings. 

In Rome, it is connected to a long life for its owner. In the contemporary world, pearls signify a high sense of fashion and purpose and also indicate true love. Amidst all of these, old legends believed that pearls have great healing powers. It is not surprising that a jewel such as pearl symbolizes a lot of things compared to other jewels. To some people, pearls are given as a token of love. Of course, a pearl necklace is certainly a great gift for your girlfriend this Valentine's.

How to select a pearl necklace as a Valentine’s gift

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and you are looking for the best pearl necklace to give your spouse. First, you have to understand your partner's style. You shouldn't just buy pearl jewelry because it looks beautiful, you have to also consider the personality of your partner.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting a pearl necklace this Valentine's season:

Length: What is the preferred length size of your partner? Do they love longer chains or pendant necklaces or chokers? 

It is important that you check what they have in their wardrobe before getting a new one. If they love chokers, you can get a necklace that lies on the collarbone. 

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Skin tone: Blue or silver pearls will look good on people with cooler skin colors. While darker skin tone looks best with golden, ivory or white pearls. On the other hand, there are several pearls colors and you have to make sure it is a color that suits them and it is a color that they love.

Graduation: Graduated pearls are often small, making them look a bit different. However, they are still beautiful. Consider if your partner likes the refined fashion sense that comes with graduated pearls.

Type of pearl: The three factors mentioned above are important, but the type of pearls is very crucial when making a choice. What shape of pearls will they prefer? For more details about the types of pearls, check out this article. Whether you want an Akoya Pearl or South Sea, or Saltwater pearl, you are definitely making an amazing choice by getting your girlfriend a pearl necklace.

Six best Valentine's gift ideas for her

❖Akoya Pearl Necklace 

Are you looking to make a fashion statement at your next event? There is never a fashion misinterpretation with Akoya Pearl Necklace. This beautiful piece of pearl around your neck boosts your confidence and makes you the center of attraction. It can last a lifetime, so you don't have to worry about them wearing out soon. 

❖Golden South Sea Pearls

All pearls exude classiness, but nothing compares to the charm that accompanies a Golden South Sea Pearls necklace. South sea pearls are known to be the largest cultured pearls in the world. And they have such a round and smooth shape. This beautiful gemstone comes in 3 different color ranges; light gold, medium gold and deep gold. Regardless of your choice, Golden South Sea Pearls gives you the perfect look for any occasion. 

❖Baroque Pearl Necklace

The Baroque Pearl necklace is elegant in every way. It is a blend of contemporary, and ancient designs, making it a perfect jewelry for any kind of occasion. Whether it is formal, casual or dinner, Baroque pearls are ever ready. Discover the meaning of self-beautification by adorning yourself with the Baroque Pearl necklace.

❖White Freshwater Sweet Pearl Necklace

This natural and cultured pearl is a high-end pearl, however it is quality and highly prized. This 3.5-4.0 MMM pearl jewelry is beautiful and perfect, making it the best accessory for corporate gatherings, weddings and dinners. A piece of this collection on your neck makes a loud fashion statement. 

❖Pearl & Domains Lavalier Necklace in 18k Yellow Gold

This mixed breed of pearls brings you into the center of your next event. It also gives you an aura of peace, calmness and a charming beauty like no other. The Pearl & Diamond Lavalier Necklace is the perfect Valentine's gift for yourself and your loved ones. 

❖Multicolor Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Get yourself one of the rarest and most prized pearls. The Multi-color Tahitian pearl is unique because of its lustrous surfaces, well-cultured shape and multicolored dark colors. It is one of our masterpieces and it symbolizes elegance and self-awareness. This collection on your neck is bound to make a lasting impression. 


Your partners deserve to feel special this Valentine. Treat them with a unique pearl design, and ignite your love for each other. We have beautiful and stylish designs for everyone. Buy any of our collections up to 10% off for this Valentine. Shop Now!

Pearl necklace FAQs

1.How to clean pearl necklaces

Buying pearls is one thing while cleaning them is another task. You should learn to treat your pearls with utmost care and love. Remember, they are valuable. Unlike other jewels, pearls are very delicate and can easily be broken or damaged if not cleaned properly. The best way to clean your pearl necklace is to use a mild detergent. You can also whiten them if you want a shiny effect. Ensure that you store your pearls in a different safe. You can even wrap your pearls in a piece of cloth to avoid scratches. 

2.How to appraise pearl  necklace

Appraising rare jewels is usually difficult, and this is not in any way different for pearls. However, appraisal becomes easier if you know the size of the pearls, the color, shape and lustre. Each of these properties are key factors that determine the grading of pearls. 

Moreso, large pearls are very rare and are more valuable than smaller pearls. On the other hand, round pearls are considered the rarest shapes because of how they are made. Pearls with excellent reflections are also prized by pearl lovers. 

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3.What color of pearl is rare?

Blue pearls are considered the rarest pearl colors. Despite the fact that the blue pearls have existed for years, they started gaining popularity recently. Interestingly, the color blue signifies peace, confidence and serenity. Blue pearls are further classified into 3:

●Blue Akoya with its origin from Japan. Its color often ranges from grey-blue to deeper sky-blue

●Silver-blue white South Sea with its origin in Australia. 

●Blue overtone Tahitian pearls, origin from French Polynesia Islands.