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The White Victoria has the largest collection of pearl necklaces on the Internet with pearls available in all shapes, sizes, colors, and qualities.
Choosing the right length of pearl necklace can be a bit daunting. This handy necklace length guide will help you narrow down the perfect length.

Choker 16"

16 Inch Choker
The length sits gently around the base of the neck on top of the clavicle. This length looks great with a wide array of clothing but should work incredibly well with off-the-shoulder, crew, and boat necklines. If you have a larger frame or don't like tighter necklaces, this length may not be for you.

princess 18”

18 Inch Princess
18-inch, or princess, necklaces are the most popular necklace length. They can fall just below the collarbone and be worn with any neckline and outfit – transitioning effortlessly from a chic, everyday look to an elegant evening ensemble.

Matinee 24”

24 Inch Matinee
“Matinee” refers to necklaces within the 20-24 inch length range and usually hit somewhere between the collarbone and breastbone. The longest of the matinee necklaces, 24-inch necklaces are a great length to layer with different chain lengths, like a princess-length or opera-length chain.

Opera 36”

36 Inch Opera
These lengthier styles are a popular necklace trend for this year and help break up an outfit by adding something of visual interest to the middle part of the torso. This length works well for most high necklines - including turtle and boat necks. It's also an elegant choice for evening wear. Depending on the size and your build, you may also be able to wear an opera length wrapped around your neck more than once to form a double-stranded collar or choker.

Rope 42”

42 Inch Rope
A rope is any necklace that is longer than opera size—wrapped to sit on or just below the center of the bust. Rope necklaces are generally intended to be wrapped around your neck more than once to form a double-stranded chain. You may also be able to fold them in half, with one end looped through the fold to create a lariat.