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The preference for gemstones among aristocrats since the Victorian period has been mind-blowing. It's without a doubt that pearls stand out as a glaring example of perfect elegance and are unmistakably a sign of impeccable taste. 

However, women seeking independence frequently wear beautiful pearls as part of their style in every sphere of life, including journalism, politics, arts, and even sports. Even now, pearls symbolize solid female leadership in the political and legal spheres.

power pearls

This preference is because they crave a representation showing maturity, commitment, and accountability. Moreso, these pearls frequently round off their costumes while in public so that their identities and the message they're conveying remain uncompromised. 

Furthermore, they favor pairing a string of traditional pearls with lovely pearl stud earrings to give their immaculate attire a subtle, sophisticated charm. 

Women Who Have Rocked the Power Pearl Graciously

power pearls

There have been several outstanding female leaders with impeccable love for pearls. They either included these pearls in their outfits subtly or prominently. Regardless, they did a fantastic job at wearing it till it became a part of their style. Notable of mention are:

Oprah Winfrey

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Over the course of her long and successful career in the public eye, media mogul Oprah Winfrey donned pearls more times than can be counted. 

We recognize Oprah for her acting work, the media conglomerate, and time spent hosting television shows, inspiring speaking, and charity. She constantly has something fresh and fascinating to convey to the public.

With a net worth of over $3 billion, she could afford whatever jewelry she desired; nevertheless, she preferred pearls for their timeless and refined appearance.

Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton, a former first lady and a presidential contender, is a successful and strong woman. Her most significant accomplishments include being the first woman to get a major political party's presidential nomination and represent New York in the US Senate.

Over the years, it's been notable that she frequently dons pearls. In 1995, there was a picture of her looking unhurried and content while rocking a multi-strand twisted pearl necklace, a pink cardigan, and red-framed sunglasses. 

Furthermore, she donned a statement pearl choker necklace and matching earrings in 2015 when the second Democratic debate took place at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

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Jacqueline Kennedy, the 35th President John F. Kennedy's wife and previous First Lady of the U. S. adored and regularly wore pearls. She was not only the first lady but was also a leader. She received an honorary Emmy Award in 1962 for her nationally televised tour of the remodeled White House.

One among her faux pearl necklaces garnered over $200,000 in a 1996 Sotheby's auction of her items. You might be startled to learn that she bought those fake pearls at Bergdorf-Goodman in the 1950s for $35. 

The fortunate bidder was ready to pay 6,000 times the pearls' initial worth since they had such a distinctive elegance.

Kamala Harris

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She is the vice president of the USA, a woman with a lot of accomplishments and influence. Her record of success in shattered glass ceilings is also spectacular.

Her "power pearls" have been the subject of several publications, one of which explains why Harris thinks pearls to be so significant. Kamala often dons an Irene Neuwirth double-strand "tin cup" pearl necklace alongside her exquisite outfit. 

Furthermore, she wears pearl button earrings with a gold wreath around them to go with this necklace. Additionally, from time to time, she rocks a more conventional double-strand pearl necklace.

Why Are People Obsessed With This Pearl Jewelry Trend?

power pearls

Pearls are an established enduring classic. These magnificent gemstones are timeless, no matter what the trend may be. Even with modern ideas or style options, their appeal keeps growing for various reasons. Some of which include:


power pearls

Simply said, pearls go well with any event. You may wear a pearl necklace with any attire for any occasion, like how people style power pearls for formal events. You can rock your pearls to dates, night outs, weddings, and other occasions. 

Furthermore, there is always an alternative for everyone regarding pearls, as they are very adaptable. They come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. 

With this variant, you may wear a choker or a long strand of pearls. With pearls, you have the option of stacking them or wearing just one. Furthermore, the choice of color is based solely on your preference. 


power pearls

Pearls symbolize more than just unwavering affection. Given that hardly much is done to them to obtain their beauty, they also symbolize perfection and purity. 

More precisely, the colors of riches and success are gold and black pearls. Most often, pink pearls symbolize success and prosperity.


power pearls

There is an unmatched distinctiveness of pearls from other stones. This feature piqued people's interest in these valuable stones over a long time.

Jewelers may quickly transform pearls into their desired beauty without requiring much work. 

In addition, every pearl differs from the others. There must be some little variation; as a result, no two pearls are precisely the same size, shape, or color.

Highly Beneficial

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Like every other gemstone, pearls are highly beneficial and have several advantages. Some people think that pearl jewelry assists in calming their anxious thoughts and maintaining emotional stability.

Furthermore, a connection between pearls and soothing nerves helps keep emotions like rage in check. It also enhances the intellect and also aids in preventing sleeplessness.


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This reason may be due to the notion that royalty wore them first. Even though every form of jewelry has its traits, pearls can help anyone create a stylish and refined look.

In this case, what you wear has little relevance as you may even be wearing a pair of plain, unadorned trousers and a t-shirt. In addition, many well-known persons, not only those in positions of authority, are seen donning pearls. 

Check out celebrities like Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, etc., who constantly style their pearls to perfection, giving them a chic and elegant look.

What Are the Prettiest Pearls Jewelry To Buy?

In the pearl industry, you must know about countless jewelry pieces from notable brands. Some of these include:

The Horizon Hook Threader Earring

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With the brilliance of freshwater pearls and cubic zirconia, The Earring Shop's Horizon Hook Threader Earring glitters and shines. The stud hangs on a delicate, eye-catching 18-carat gold-plated 925 silver chain, and the golden hook is adorned with two freshwater pearls of varying sizes and a bezel-set cubic zirconia. 

The Horizon Hook Threader is an elegant, classy accessory for the sophisticated fashionista. It costs about $58.

Stellar Pearly Necklace with Pearls

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The magnificent, cultivated freshwater nugget pearls and glass beads strung on the exquisitely feminine Stellar Pearly Necklace by award-winning designer Helle Vestergaard Poulsen is handmade from 18-carat gold-plated brass. 

This lovely necklace in gold and immaculate white pearls draws attention immediately and is ideal whether worn alone for exquisite charm. Furthermore, you could layer it with other vibrant beaded necklaces for a casual, relaxed surfer style. This necklace costs about $212.

The Classic Pearl Earrings - Pair

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The Classic Pearl Earrings by Les Méres is a glossy charmer and the brand's first jewelry creation. They are attractive, fashionable, and distinctive. Jewelers individually handcraft each earring with 18-carat gold-plated silver, freshwater pearls, and an organic gold vermeil stud displaying a brilliant freshwater pearl. 

A set of baroque pearl earrings always contain unique baroque pearls. The earring is a brilliant incarnation of the sustainable, distinctive, and one-of-a-kind designs that Les Méres is popular for. It covers a traditional lustrous pearly shine and radiating elegance.

The Floating Pearl Horizontal Diamond Earring

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The Floating Pearl Horizontal Diamond Earring from Ouverture makes any outfit more elegant and sparkling. The 14-karat gold earring, designed in Berlin and meticulously made in Armenia, has a row of sparkling white diamonds and a tremendous floating white pearl for a touch of glitz. 

Owning fine jewelry by Ouverture means possessing a stylish, classy, and contemporary item.


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