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The beauty of pearl jewelry is not emphasized enough.

It is also very fascinating for many because there is a variety to select from, including shapes, sizes, colors, and lots more. 

Not only that, in terms of affordability, you can always get one that fits your budget, even less than $500. 

South Sea Pearl

Amazing, right? Let's continue

One of the most beautiful and unique types of pearl gem is the South Sea Pearl.

These gorgeous pearls are among the rarest types due to their large shapes and sizes.

South Sea Pearl

If we were to give this pearl type a name, let's call it luxurious!

Think about anything luxurious, classy, and timeless. It's this gem. 

So hang in there, and let's tell you some more about the South Sea Pearl and why it should be in your jewelry box. 

The Enchanting World of South Sea Pearls

South Sea Pearl

You may be wondering why it goes by the name South Sea Pearl.

Well, that's because they are common in the Southern Hemisphere, hence its name.

They are of different types with unique characteristics and places of harvest.

For example, the White South Sea Pearls are home to the beaches around the northwestern coast of Australia.

On the other hand, the golden South Sea Pearls are common in Australia, the Philippines, New Guinea, and Burma. 

Pearls generally serve as defenders against any damage to oysters.

However, due to their rarity, most of the available pearls are cultured through human intervention.

For the cultured pearls, South Sea types fall into the category.

These form along a line of pearl beads but are distinct in size and shape.

The South Sea is mostly found in Pinctada Maxima.

South Sea Pearl

To harvest these pearls, divers have to embark on a journey into the depths of the sea to locate the mature oysters.

Since these oysters produce pearls for defense, they are then transported to pristine waters for safety.

Through this, the oysters are secure and fit for continuous production of the rare South Sea Pearls. 

South Sea pearls can measure between 9 to 20 mm. Imagine how huge and bold that can get.

With this gem as your jewelry, you get a variety of choices suitable for all your special occasions.

Dazzling Earrings

South Sea Pearl

Among the various jewelry choices you can get with South Sea Pearls is dazzling earrings.

You definitely can't go wrong with a pair of elegant earrings specially made from South Sea Pearls. 

Sourcing for matching earrings with your outfits can be a hassle sometimes, especially when you are working on a budget.

However, South Sea Pearls are an exception because you get gorgeous and affordable jewelry within your budget. 

That's not all; these earrings look extremely silky and create that perfection you crave.

Many also see these pearls as symbols of peace, love, and calmness.

Shopping for South Sea Pearls earrings is quite easy.

There are a variety of online stores where you can get your choice.

White Victoria, amongst others, specializes in providing you with unique earring choices. 

It's easy, and a trial of these earrings will leave you stunned. 

Mesmerizing rings

South Sea Pearl

Do you own a lot of South Sea Pearls earrings already and wish for something different? Here you have it.

Just like earrings, there are varieties of mesmerizing rings you will get made from this gem.

Imagine wearing a glittering,  dazzling, elegant, yet affordable ring to an occasion. No doubt, a lot of compliments await you. 

Before getting a ring, there are some factors to consider, which include band size, width, and lots more. Let's discuss more about this. 

Checking your ring width size before shopping is the best way to avoid wasting money.

Pearl rings are available in different ranges from 1.5mm to 10mm.

If you are getting this ring as a surprise or a proposal, making use of your loved one's everyday ring can guide you with size selection. 

You should also check with your jeweler for the best ring size suitable. 

Styling your outfit with your pearl ring is very versatile.

You can always play around with your dressing with the ring on your finger.

From casual to evening wear, dinners, anniversaries, and weddings, pearl rings are a top choice for all. 

Elegant Pendant

South Sea Pearl

Have you ever seen the elegant South Sea pearls pendant before?

It is not only elegant, it's also affordable and beautiful.

You have different choices to select from for your South Sea Pearls pendants.

Either the golden South Sea Pearls pendants or another type, you can always find what you desire. 

Stylish Brooches and Pins

South Sea Pearl

If you need more than what to wear on your body name from South Sea Pearls, you can get brooches and pins for your clothes and other outfits. 

Unknown to many, Brooches are still much in vogue and help a lot in fixing wardrobe malfunctions.

Brooches come in various sizes and also one accessory that doesn't need measurement before buying.

Pins, on the other hand, serve clasping purposes when worn on clothes. 

These two are very important to any gender and can switch your look from ordinary to classy with little effort.

Yes, there are types made from South Sea Pearls.

So, you need not worry about searching for another gemstone because they are available just the way you want it.

Where to Find affordable South Sea Pearls

South Sea Pearl

Ready to shop for your South Sea Pearls now? You can order any choice of yours online or visit the nearest store to you.

A more convenient option is to shop, order, and receive your jewelry in the comfort of your home.

This is possible using our website. So, you not only have an easy shopping process, but your items will come into your home without stepping out to get them. 

White Victoria is just a call away, and amazing discounts await you. 


South Sea Pearl

Affordability is key when shopping for jewelry, especially those made from precious stones and gems.

This is because they tend to encourage impulse buying with their classy look.

This article discussed the versatility and luxurious nature of South Sea Pearls.

They are top choices for jewelry options like earrings, brooches, pins, necklaces, etc.

Pearls are pearls, beautiful in every word.

So, after making up your mind, shop from the best stores out there, including White Victoria