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The Tahitian pearl, a saltwater pearl, originated from the French Polynesian islands surrounding Tahiti. The cultivation of these unusual black pearls occurs from black-lipped oysters. They have a fantastic color spectrum ranging from light creams to gray, regal green, and even a magnificent iridescent peacock. 

Tahitian pearl

Tahitian pearls typically take 18 to 24 months to reach a size of 10mm. These pearls, evolving from the ocean's depths, are a rare and magnificent beauty that has caught the world unaware. Being relatively recent additions to contemporary jewelry, they only entered popular culture in the middle of the 20th century. 

Where Are Tahitian Pearls From?

Tahitian pearl

Tahitian pearls, popularly known as black pearls, are cultured gems generated by the black lip oyster (Pinctada margaritifera). These pearls get their name because farming mainly occurs in French Polynesia, near Tahiti.

The Cook Islands, the Micronesian Islands, and in a few rare instances, even Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan are among the locations where the production of exquisite pearls occurs. 

Jewelers refer to the Tahitian pearls as the best black pearls in the world. These pearls shine with rich, vivid overtones and enormous, premium tier sizes. However, the name 'Tahitian pearls' only applies to pearls produced in French Polynesia.

Why Are Tahitian Pearls Black?

Tahitian pearl

The production of Black pearls starts when a particle of sand lodges in the body of the Tahitian black-lipped Pinctada margaritifera oyster, a scarce species. 

The Tahitian black-lipped oyster has a strong band of black around its internal shell, called the nacre, which is typically a shiny white or silver color in most oysters. This feature causes the absorption of that hue by the pearl when they develop close to that band.

Tahitian black-lipped pearls can be a silvery gray hue if they end up wedged in a lighter area of the oyster or a darker color if they develop closer to the lips. The nacre of an oyster that usually generates white pearls but has an uncommon black coloration can also produce a blackish pearl. But just one pearl in 10,000 can originate from this situation, as it's incredibly unique.


What Colors, Shapes, and Sizes Are Tahitian Pearls Available?

Tahitian pearl

Tahitian pearls have a distinctive form, size, color, and brilliance, yet it can be challenging to ascertain whether a pearl is natural. You should be aware that each Tahitian Pearl's surface or shine will probably be unique even when combined. 

Most of the time, imitations are one-size-fits-all and closely resemble the real pearl. However, there are distinctive ways to identify a Tahitian pearl:


Tahitian pearl

Tahitian pearls typically have softer, more satin-like lusters and exceptionally dense nacre. The majority of premium Tahitian pearls, especially those in the lower size categories, will, nevertheless, exhibit a sharper, highly reflecting brilliance that is more similar to the "mirror-like" brilliance of the Japanese Akoya.


Tahitian pearl

The dark body hues of Tahitian pearls, which range from charcoal gray to genuine black, have earned them worldwide fame. But their most outstanding feature is the myriad overtones that catch the eye. 

From the vibrant peacock to the gold, calm tropical greens, silver, eggplant, blues, and rose and cherry hue. Tahitian pearls are sure to have something to appeal to everyone.


Tahitian pearl

The Tahitian pearl selection has a pearl shape to suit every personality and budget, ranging from uncommon, absolutely round pearls to slick drop shapes and quirky baroque brimming with charm. Perfectly round pearls are the most sought-after kind, followed by flawless drops and baroque in all varieties.


Tahitian pearl

The size of Tahitian pearls ranges from moderate to large. Tahitian pearls, one of the widest varieties available, often vary from 8 to 9 meters up to 15 to 16 meters and are occasionally much larger.

How Valuable Are Tahitian Pearls?

Tahitian pearl

You may find the largest diversity of naturally dark and rich hues in Tahitian pearls, often regarded as the most exotic type of pearl in the world.

Tahitian pearls of inferior quality can be purchased for as low as $200, while pearls of higher quality can cost anywhere between $200 and $600. The highest grade Tahitian pearls can range from $1,000 to $36,000, depending on the customer.

How To Choose Tahitian Pearls?

For those who need experience, choosing and purchasing Tahitian pearls may seem daunting and challenging. However, with some guidance, you can determine how to select a Tahitian pearl based on quality, style, and budget to make the process more exciting and fun.


Tahitian pearl

Your available budget is an essential factor to consider before choosing pearl. Before selecting a Tahitian pearl, you need to understand that it costs between $200 at least. There is a great chance you'll find something that meets your budget if it falls within the appropriate range. As a result, set a budget before picking which pearl to buy.


Tahitian pearl

It's crucial to select pearls while considering your available fashion alternatives and flawless styling. What is the ideal way to style this Tahitian necklace? What fits you the most? How do you expect to rock it? 

Tahitian pearls are pretty costly. Before selecting a Tahitian pearl, you must consider your style and what would fit you. These pearls often have distinctive forms and sizes, with bigger ones being more common. Most times, the most typical and well-liked size range is between 9 and 12mm.

This pearl is ideal for those who enjoy wearing big necklaces and jewelry. Others might need to check them out before making a decision. 

Reliable Store

Tahitian pearl

Finding a trustworthy and reliable shop to purchase your pearl is crucial in your search for a Tahitian pearl. Several walk-in stores and reliable online platforms allow you to purchase your Tahitian pearl—from online retailers like Amazon, Adina's Jewels, Purple pearls, Pearlofjoy, and others. 

How To Wear Tahitian Pearls?

You can wear your Tahitian pearls in various ways, such as earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Here are five ways to style your Tahitian pearls to make them pop and accentuate your appearance.

To a Workplace

Tahitian pearl

With a contemporary touch, black Tahitian pearls give the same degree of refinement as white pearls. When worn, they immediately exude authority, especially when combined with a fitted power suit.

Therefore, if you have a crucial meeting, use a traditional single-strand Tahitian pearl necklace for a robust and polished appearance that will command respect in the boardroom, pair it with a silk blouse or pristine white shirt and add complementing pearl stud earrings.

Casual Weekends

Tahitian pearl

While feeling casual enough for the day, this stylish tan leather pearl drop necklace with cool gray Tahitian pearls is ideal for dressing up a basic white t-shirt, loose knit sweater, and jeans. 

Weekday Dates

Tahitian pearl

Tahitian pearl jewelry is a terrific choice whether you're going out for coffee with friends or on a lunch date. A casual blazer or denim jacket and a multi-strand Tahitian pearl bracelet can give a flowery day dress some edge. 

Alternately, keep it basic with a cashmere sweater or flowy top, dark trousers, and flat shoes. A simple black pearl pendant with a similar overtone will finish the appearance and offer a touch of glitz.


Tahitian pearl

A Tahitian pearl and amber necklace is perfect if you'd want to give your outfit a pop of color. This lovely pattern, which has soft orange undertones, blends various organic materials to provide more depth and intrigue to monochrome ensembles.

Format Events

Tahitian pearl

Tahitian pearls' iridescent sheen is most noticeable at night. Look effortlessly chic with an all-black ensemble accessorized with striking Tahitian pearl jewelry. The obvious choice is a floor-length gown, and smoldering off-shoulder designs and stacked Tahitian pearl necklaces promise a dramatic appearance for the evening.

Alternatively, add a splash of color to your ensemble by contrasting black pearls with a dramatic red dress. A timeless black and gold combination is lovely and will catch people's attention for many reasons.


A fascinating item of jewelry is the Tahitian pearl. Despite its distinctive character and hue, it may convey any mood you choose, whether it be simple, wealthy, stylish, or calming. Thus, this guide is everything you'll need to make the ideal choice the next time you purchase a Tahitian pearl for yourself, a member of your family, or a loved one.