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Pearls are one of the most traditional pieces of jewelry worn by many people for generations. Freshwater pearls have been used in jewelry such as rings, cufflinks, bracelets, and earrings by Royals as well as ordinary people. 
As opposed to male jewelry, pearls have a reputation for being feminine, soft, and delicate gemstones. However, most of you might not know that the pearls have been worn by men for centuries and are frequently regarded as a representation of innocence and purity. Still, it's typically mocked when people ask if guys should or can wear pearl jewelry. 
"Men wearing pearls isn't a fad; it's an example of how the jewelry world is finally opening up to genderless style."
It's fascinating to notice that men have adorned themselves with pearls since ancient times. Pearl jewelry for men is currently fashionable due to the rise of fashion-forward celebrities searching for new ways to express themselves and incorporating pearls into more manly jewelry designs.

When did men start wearing pearls? 

As mentioned earlier, men and pearls aren't some new talk in the town, and it's a legacy running for years. You can go through the pages of history that portray the same. Although, these days, men are showing a surprisingly great interest in wearing Pearl jewelry than they used to.  

Indian History:

It is believed that during the time in the 16th century when the Mughal Empire was in India, great Emperors like Babur and all his male descendants gracefully wore Pearl jewelry. It depicts that even in those times, the Pearls were worn by everyone, irrespective of gender.

Great Britain History:

The other primary evidence that confirms the early existence of pearls as men's jewelry is during the 16th century when Queen Elizabeth I gifted a large pearl to Sir Francis Drake.
Like the evolution of every other jewelry item, pearls have also encountered insane transitions in these years.

Modern time:

Following the same road as the Royals, celebrities wear pearls nowadays. To start with, you can see "A$AP Rocky," the famous rapper who first wore pearls at a few events in 2019. Former "One Direction" singer Harry Styles also adores wearing Pearls every once in a while. Along with these artists, Steven Taylor, Pierce Brosnan, Pharrell Williams, etc., also wear pearls. 

Why do men love pearl necklaces?

After inspiring famous male artists, most guys wear pearls to make a style statement. Breaking the boundary of gender standards, men flaunt these pearls. The sudden elevation of the pearl obsession among the male community has many reasons. Some of them are as follows:

Flaunt it as a symbol of Purity and Rareness! 

No one can deny the fact that pearls are beautiful. Generally, they are seen as a symbol of "great Purity!" and "Rareness!"
No wonder they are considered Pure! Pearls are naturally formed in the sea, inside the mollusk shells, without human interference. 
It is obvious that pearls are rare jewelry, and not everyone can lay their hand on these beauties. 
That is why men wear Pearls to stand out from the crowd highlighting the Rarity and Pureness in themselves. 

Evoking the Art Underneath!

Using their sense of Fashion nowadays, men are experimenting with pearl jewelry and pulling out incredible looks. 
Well, there is a lot that one can create with even a single piece of pearl jewelry. Only if a man has a great sense of Fashion and a love for art can he choose pearl jewelry as his accessory. Visualizing and executing something great out of these pearls is something that only some can do.  

Following the Trend!

Celebrities are creating a trend pushing everyone, regardless of gender, to dress up in pearls. The pearls even look good on everyone. So, even if young men follow the footsteps of these stars by wearing Pearl Jewelry, then it's right. 
Cultured pearls are no longer something our elders used to wear; young girls and boys also find these alluring. Each piece of jewelry enhances the human's persona, from single pearl necklaces to long bead ones with multilayers.
Pearls have a long history of producing an impact on humans. They might hide for a while, but lastly, these Baroque pearls emerge again as a new fashion and trend among the people. 

Leave the toxic beliefs around Masculinity!

It is true that not only women but men also feel constrained and bound by the toxic beliefs created by society. Primarily, they were introduced to mark the distinction, but slowly these norms turned toxic after a few years.
One of the beliefs around toxic Masculinity demands that men should be firm and depict the same to the world. However, wearing men's pearl necklaces and other jewelry pieces is just the opposite of what society demands men to be. 
Modern Men are flaunting their quality pearls to step out of these toxic rules and break years of these long-running opinions around men. It is just a new way for modern men to handle societal norms and challenge them daily with their open-minded choices.

What kinds of pearl necklaces are for men?

There are various types of pearl necklaces available in the market for men. We have described a few of them below:
Passionoir M Collection Black South Sea Cultured Pearl Pendant

It is a Classy Black Pearl Pendant Necklace from Passionoir M Collection. The necklace contains a mesmerizing 10.49x10mm black south sea cultured Pearl pendant between an 18K white gold plated in black rhodium. It is a perfect necklace for men who wish for a subtle look.
Passionoir Black South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace with Diamond Clasp

It is another captivating necklace from the Passionoir, Mikimoto. The chain contains Black south-cultured pearls. Between these beautiful pearls sets 1.64ct of diamond that give it a unique look. This men's pearl necklace goes great with suits.
Cultured Freshwater Pearl (10mm) 24" Paperclip Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver

This necklace contains a cultured freshwater Pearl pendant set in a sterling silver chic paper clip link chain. The Pearl is about 10mm, and the necklace length is approximately 24" and drops about 1-1/4." You can style this beautiful pearl necklace with a Tee and a check blazer.

Tiffany HardWear Pearl Lock Necklace
It is not a simple pearl necklace but a unique combination of sterling silver links and pearls that give a unique look. The pearls layer contains freshwater cultured pearls, each of size 9-10 mm. You can pair it with your favorite tees or a shirt with a few buttons open.
Vivienne Westwood Man Aleska Pearl Necklace
It is a beautiful necklace from Vivienne Westwood Men's necklace collection. The necklace is handmade with pure delicacy to knot glass-based baroque pearls with a spring lock fastening just at the front. It is a 48 cm long necklace made of 100% brass. You can wear this necklace with your preferred monochrome suit. 

How do men style a pearl necklace? 

If you are willing to style pearls, you can try almost everything. Just give wings to your imagination. Trust us; you can never go wrong with pearls. You can take inspiration from the stars. 

Pearls with tees and jeans:

Like Harry Styles, you can wear his statement single-layer necklace with almost any piece of clothing. Try it out with your favorite t-shirt, denim jeans, and stylish sneakers. 

Pearls with Multicolored suit:

Like Shawn Mendes, you can wear your pearls with a stylish multicolored suit with a small pendant chain.

Pearls styled with other accessories:

The Brand Ambassador of pearls for men A$AP Rocky prefers his pearls with other metal accessories. You can try out that too! 

Multilayered Pearl Necklace with tweed blazer:

If you are as obsessed as Pharrell Williams with Pearls, you can wear a long Multi Layered pearl necklace with a tee and a tweed blazer. 

Pearls styled with cool Hat:

We have also seen some celebs pairing pearl pendant necklaces with a fabulous hats and street-style attire. If that's your style, feel free to try that out. 
However, all these are just suggestions. You can go with a different look and try to pull out your definition of style with these beautiful Pearls.


Magazines and other forms of media might bring the Pearls after every few years into the eyes of people in the form of a trend. However, it has had a Men fan base for years. It is high time that we believe that Pearls are simply elegant and poise jewelry that men like to wear to elute these attributes from their personalities. 
Lastly, Pearls are simply an expression of personality and style. No matter your gender or age, if you like Pearls, go for them. You must leave the fear of judgment and wear the pearls if they define their aesthetic. Pearls can be your key if you want to leave your impression wherever you go.  
Balancing out the delicacy of pearls with such a bold and confident personality makes you the most attractive.