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anniversary gifts

Celebrating anniversaries is a lovely tradition, and choosing the perfect gift is a thoughtful way to commemorate your journey as a couple. This guide delves into the meaning behind anniversary gifts and outlines how the traditional list differs from the modern version.

In the early years of marriage, expect to see practical presents for the home—but as your union develops, this can extend to luxurious items, too.

While the traditional list gives ideas for every five-year milestone after 20 years of marriage, the modern list covers every year up to year 30.

Whether you prefer timeless ideas or like surprises with a twist, we have all bases covered so each celebration feels just right.

Year-by-Year Gift Guide

anniversary gifts

Choose from our hand-picked selection of gifts to find the perfect way to celebrate your anniversary – whether you want something practical or traditional, luxurious or contemporary. Make your anniversary special and create lasting memories with a unique gift chosen just for you.

First Anniversary

anniversary gifts

Commemorate your initial year together using a traditional gift: paper. By choosing this material, which signifies a fresh start, you open up endless possibilities.

Some ideas include writing love letters from the heart, commissioning custom artwork for display at home, or selecting a beautiful journal—one that might even become a family heirloom down the line.

If the paper doesn't appeal but you still like the idea of tradition, consider clocks (which represent timelessness) or modern takes on old-school anniversary presents.

Second Anniversary

anniversary gifts

Celebrate your second anniversary by giving a meaningful cotton gift that represents warmth and durability. Some ideas include luxurious cotton bedding, personalized cotton robes, or a beautiful cotton quilt. If you prefer a more modern approach, consider china – a material that symbolizes gracefulness and quality.

Examples here could be refined china tableware, an elegant china tea set, or an interesting china ornament. By selecting from these suggestions, you will mark this milestone in your relationship with warmth and style!

Third Anniversary

anniversary gifts

For the third year, consider a gift made of leather, which symbolizes strength and adaptability. Some classic leather options include a wallet or purse engraved with their initials or a custom-made notebook with a leather cover.

Alternatively, choose something from the modern list – glass or crystal – to represent beauty and transparency. Ideas might include an exquisite crystal vase, ornamental glassware that catches the light perfectly, or something beautiful and sparkling for your home together.

Fourth Anniversary

anniversary gifts

On your fourth anniversary, consider giving a gift of fruit or flowers to represent how your love has grown and blossomed. Surprise your partner with a stunning bouquet or arrangement, a basket filled with delicious fresh fruit, or even a potted plant for your home together.

If you prefer to go down the modern route, presents such as appliances are suggested as they add ease and happiness to day-to-day life. Think about gifting a chic coffee maker, an advanced blender (great for whipping up smoothies!), or an attractive new kitchen gadget that will make cooking together even more enjoyable.

Fifth Anniversary

anniversary gifts

Celebrate your fifth anniversary with the strength and growth symbolized by wood. Traditional gifts include beautiful wooden furniture, custom carvings, or even a tree-planting experience. Modern gifts feature silverware, reflecting elegance and durability.

Consider a stunning silverware set for special dinners or personalized silver pieces for everyday use. Both options celebrate your love's resilience and growth over five wonderful years.

Sixth Anniversary

anniversary gifts

Make your 6th wedding anniversary a classy and useful one. While iron or sweets may not sound glamorous, they represent strength and happiness – the perfect sentiments for your union. Think about custom-made iron homeware or designer candies.

Alternatively, go modern with something woody. It stands for both stability and growth. Suggestions include a beautiful wooden jewelry box (perhaps filled with sweet treats), an ornamental tree for the garden, or an elegant wooden photo frame – maybe holding a picture showing how much you've changed.

Seventh Anniversary

anniversary gifts

Commemorate your seventh wedding anniversary with a gift of copper, representing both warmth and endurance. Consider artisan-made copper jewelry or housewares, or perhaps cookware for the two of you to use together.

For a more contemporary spin, go for desk sets: they'll help spruce up your shared workspace. Think about chic organizers, sophisticated desk clocks – or even customized gear for the office. The key here is to find something that combines tradition with utility (plus a hint of indulgence). That way, you can't go wrong!

Eighth Anniversary

anniversary gifts

Celebrate your eighth year together by giving a traditional bronze gift, which represents resilience and longevity. Some options include sophisticated bronze sculptures, enduring jewelry, or personalized household items.

For something more contemporary, go for linen or lace – symbols of beauty and elegance. Ideas might include sumptuous linen sheets and pillowcases, fashionable lace clothing, or ornamental lacework for the home.

Ninth Anniversary

anniversary gifts

Commend your ninth commemoration with the appeal of earthenware, representing your developing and forming relationship. Think about delightful earthenware pieces, custom ceramics, or even a pottery class to gain hands-on understanding.

For an advanced curve, go with cowhide, symbolizing sturdiness and extravagance. Consider polished calfskin frill, a popular calfskin coat, or an individualized cowhide bound diary—bringing some refinement to your achievement festival!

Tenth Anniversary

anniversary gifts

Celebrate a decade of marriage with the everlasting beauty and strength of tin or aluminum. Choose from classic presents like customized keepsake boxes made from these metals or stunning artwork fashioned out of aluminum.

For something more contemporary, break with convention and select diamonds – because, after all, they do last forever! Think about diamond jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. If your budget allows, go for broke with a gorgeous sparkling watch.

For something totally unique, commission a jeweler to craft a bespoke design that showcases the brilliance both materials (metal) have proven over time.

Milestone Anniversaries

anniversary gifts

Celebrate your lasting love with gifts that commemorate each milestone— from the 15th to the 60th anniversary. Make every celebration unforgettable and joyful with these thoughtful, unique gift ideas.

Fifteenth Anniversary

anniversary gifts

Celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary with the mesmerizing beauty of crystal, which symbolizes clarity and radiance in a relationship. Timeless gifts such as classy vases or elaborate crystal figurines are perfect for preserving memories.

If you prefer something more modern, consider stylish wristwatches! As symbols of endless moments spent together, they're a chic way to mark this occasion—think matching sets or one fabulous piece each.

You can even find companies that will create custom designs just for you. The result will be as unique—and brilliant—as the love you've shared so far (with plenty more brightnesses ahead!).

Twentieth Anniversary

anniversary gifts

For your 20th anniversary, choose something made of china to capture both the grace and lasting power of your union. A traditional gift like a bone china dinner service for special moments or a statuette might fit the bill.

If you want a more contemporary take, go with platinum – rare and robust. Think about platinum earrings or necklace, or perhaps a sleek watch; you could even commission something bespoke that shines as brightly as your two decades of marriage.

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

anniversary gifts

Commemorate your 25th anniversary—a momentous silver jubilee—with classic gifts crafted from silver, a metal reflecting purity and strength. Explore exquisite silver jewelry, custom-made silver picture frames, or timeless flatware sets in this shade.

Alternatively, for a contemporary take, choose accessories crafted from sterling silver – think along the lines of elegant bracelets or cufflinks. Showcasing at least one-quarter century of unwavering commitment to each other, why not do it with presents that also gleam brightly?

Thirtieth Anniversary

anniversary gifts

Mark your 30th wedding anniversary with the eternal beauty of pearls, which are associated with purity and wisdom. A classic gift of pearl earrings or a necklace would be perfect – or, for him, perhaps some pearl cufflinks.

For something more contemporary, go for diamonds instead: these gems are said to symbolize love's strength and brilliance. Think about jewelry that combines both pearls and diamonds, such as pearl & diamond earrings or a pendant.

If you'd prefer not to buy jewelry, how about a mother-of-pearl dial watch for her or an elegant pearl-effect photo frame?

Fortieth Anniversary

anniversary gifts

If you're approaching your 40th wedding anniversary and want to find the perfect gift that symbolizes passion and undying love, why not consider rubies? As far as classics go, you can't beat exquisite ruby jewelry – think rings, necklaces, or bracelets.

Or, if you're after something more contemporary, how about beautiful red-themed homeware and luxurious accessories in ruby shades?

Even better still, why not whisking your other half off on a romantic trip to somewhere known for its crimson sunsets over red terrain? What could be more symbolic of four decades side by side than presents reflecting a rich and vibrant union?

Fiftieth Anniversary

anniversary gifts

Celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary with the timeless beauty of gold, symbolizing fifty years of love that cannot be broken. Traditional gifts such as gold jewelry, a personalized engraved plaque, or a piece of custom-made artwork in gold would all fit the bill perfectly for this important milestone.

If you'd prefer something more modern, why not consider 'golden' experiences – like a luxury weekend break or a special party built around the precious metal itself? You want your golden anniversary to glitter as much as your feelings for each other still do after all this time!

Sixtieth Anniversary

anniversary gifts

Celebrate your 60th anniversary – known as the Diamond Anniversary – with diamonds that never go out of style. Classic options include diamond jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets – all symbolizing the enduring strength and amazing brilliance of a union that has lasted six decades.

If you want something more modern, how about a diamond-studded luxury watch or a tailor-made piece incorporating both of your birthstones? This significant milestone deserves a sparkling tribute to love and countless memories.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gift

anniversary gifts

If you're looking for the perfect anniversary gift, don't stress: It can actually be a lot of fun. To find something they'll adore, consider these tips.

Think About What They Like

anniversary gifts

There's no definitive answer as to whether a traditional or modern gift list is better than the other. It all depends on personal taste and the sentiment behind the present.

Some people might love receiving conventional gifts because they're steeped in meaning – while others may prefer up-to-the-minute ideas. Think about what will mean more to your loved one – and go from there!

Budget-Friendly Options

anniversary gifts

You don't have to spend a fortune to celebrate an anniversary. In fact, sometimes the least expensive gifts can mean the most.

A handmade craft, a heartfelt letter or token that shows you've been listening doesn't cost much at all and could demonstrate to your partner that you care about them deeply in ways that go beyond dollar signs.

Presentation is Key

anniversary gifts

The way you present a gift can be everything. Beautiful paper! Ribbons! Interesting boxes! Thinking creatively about how these elements come together might elevate what it's like for someone to receive something from you.

Going beyond wrapping paper by itself to consider personalized notes attached or inventive displays upon arrival also shows effort and thought – making the occasion even more special when it finally happens.

Customisation Station

anniversary gifts

Making a gift personal can take it from special to spectacular. Think about options such as engraving, photo presents, or heartfelt messages just from you.

Things like customized jewelry, photo books with that extra wow factor, or engraved keepsakes aren't just gifts to keep forever. They become treasured items that remind someone how much they're loved (every single day).

DIY Gifts

anniversary gifts

Handmade presents have a special appeal and sentimental worth. Create memory scrapbooks, do DIY craft projects, or even bake things from scratch. These show you've put in effort, time, and thought – which makes them heartfelt tokens like no other.

Experience-Based Gifts

anniversary gifts

Occasionally, the greatest gift you can give is not a physical object but rather an experience. Plan a romantic weekend away, a fun workshop you can do together, or even just a special night out that's tailored to their interests as a couple.

Such experiences don't clutter up peoples' homes but rather become cherished memories. Plus, they can bring you closer to those involved!


anniversary gifts

Being thoughtful when choosing presents is important if you want to mark special occasions and ensure each anniversary is memorable. It isn't just about how much money you spend. It's showing love and effort through what you pick out.

The pleasure of giving comes from seeing your partner light up with joy – knowing that you've paid tribute to both of you as a couple. Celebrating love and commitment in this way can help to strengthen the bond between you – not to mention creating fantastic memories.

So, whether or not you go for something traditional doesn't matter nearly as much as whether it's something chosen with care. And no matter your budget or style, the best gifts of all are always going to be those that mean the most.