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how to wear pearls everyday

Pearls have always been admired for their timeless beauty and the sense of refinement and grace that comes with wearing them. What's new in 2024 is that this doesn't just apply to special-occasion jewelry. Pearls now do daywear brilliantly, too.

Suppose you need something that makes any outfit look charmingly effortless. Or, if you want to feel your most pulled-together even when dressed simply in jeans and a crisp white shirt, then consider wearing pearls every day.

With a little extra care (plus following the rule "last on, first off"), there's no reason why you can't wear them every single day – and really enjoy doing so! Discover how classic pearls can be part of your everyday style for a look that is both modern and elegant.

Choosing the Right Pearls

how to wear pearls everyday

If you want to wear pearls regularly and stylishly, it's important to choose the right ones. Not all pearls go with everything. Here are some types that do – plus tips on how to wear them:

Types of Pearls for Daily Wear

Some pearls are cheap and strong. Others are delicate but can create a fancy look for daily wear. There are also other pearls which are just different. Let's analyze:

Freshwater Pearls:

how to wear pearls everyday

These pearls are not expensive and can be found in various forms and sizes. Affordable price for freshwater pearls and the wide range of options in terms of hues and forms make them the number one choice for everyday wear.

Akoya Pearls:

how to wear pearls everyday

Classic and spherical, Akoya pearls have a high shine. Although they're more delicate than some other types, you can still wear them every day if you want timeless elegance.

Tahitian Pearls:

how to wear pearls everyday

If you want to stand out, consider Tahitian pearls, which come in exotic dark colors for a touch of drama. Their tones may surprise you by being easy to accessorize with daily.

South Sea Pearls:

Luxurious South Sea pearls have a satiny sheen and come in white and gold gentle colors. They are also larger on average than other pearl types. While these may be considered formal events jewelry by some, there's nothing saying they can't be worn daily to elevate an outfit!

Factors to Consider

how to wear pearls everyday

If you're picking out pearls to wear every day, keep these things in mind:


Smaller pearls (between 6 and 8 millimeters) are usually better for daily wear since they're elegant but not overwhelming. But if you love the way larger pearls look on you, go for it!


Pearls come in lots of colors besides white or cream, including gold, black, pink and more. Pick one that flatters your skin tone and works with a lot of your clothes. Or be adventurous and choose something different for a change!


Sure, round pearls are classic (and often pricier if they're perfectly spherical). But why not jazz things up with some baroque pearls' funky shapes? Modern jewelry trends embrace all sorts of silhouettes – pick what speaks to you!

Styling Pearls for Everyday Looks

how to wear pearls everyday

Pearls used to be reserved for fancy occasions, but not anymore. Now you can wear them with anything – even jeans! Here's how to style pearls with your regular outfits so they look chic every day of the week:

Casual Chic

how to wear pearls everyday

If you want to take your everyday look up a notch, add some pearls. Picture this: your go-to jeans, a white t-shirt, and a pearl necklace.

The mix of laid-back pieces with something as elegant as pearls makes for a super-stylish outfit – and one that's incredibly easy to wear. Team with ballet pumps or sneakers for a low-key charm that says you've got style in spades.

Workplace Elegance

how to wear pearls everyday

To make your office outfit look professional and elegant, wear pearls. Combine a pearl necklace and studs with a fitted jacket, formal trousers or pencil skirt, or a chic dress. They'll give your look finesse and poise.

Pearls never go out of style, so by wearing them to work, you'll feel more self-assured too. If you want to play it safe, go for smaller, discreet pearls. But if you're after something fashionable that still says business, choose slightly bigger ones.

Evening Glamour

how to wear pearls everyday

If you're heading out for an evening event, consider adding pearls to your ensemble for a touch of glamour. A statement pearl piece can elevate everything from a sleek jumpsuit to a simple black dress, ensuring all eyes are on you.

The glossy gleam of pearls boosts your after-dark aesthetic so it appears sophisticated and polished. Feel free to play around with ideas like multi-strand necklaces or even chunky pearl rings too. Sometimes they bring just the right amount of drama to your night-time look!

Layered Luxe

how to wear pearls everyday

When you want to achieve a fashionable and on-trend look, consider layering pearl jewelry in various styles and lengths. Pair a long pendant with a shorter strand, or mix pearl chokers with dainty chains for an edgier effect.

Layering pieces add dimension to your outfit, which means it can be both adaptable and one-of-a-kind. Use it to dress up jeans and a tee or add interest to an evening gown. By experimenting with different types of pearl necklaces, you can create a custom look that feels lush.

Caring for Your Pearls

how to wear pearls everyday

Pearls are highly valuable gemstones. To preserve their shine and beauty, it is important to handle them with care. Below are instructions for everyday maintenance as well as long-term storage to help your pearls last a lifetime:

Daily Maintenance

how to wear pearls everyday

Caring for your pearls on a day-to-day basis will keep them looking their best. Here are some important tips:

Clean after wearing:

When you take off your pearls, wipe them gently with a soft dry cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, you can use a soft cloth dampened in water. This will remove any dirt, oils, or perspiration that could otherwise dull their luster.

Last on, first off:

Pearls are organic gems and can be harmed by cosmetics, hair spray, perfume and other chemicals. Before putting on pearl jewelry, make sure any lotions, creams or perfumes have dried completely. After wearing pearls, wipe them only with a soft cloth before storing.

Avoid rough materials:

Gem experts advise against storing fine jewelry next to diamonds or other gemstones. They might scratch it. The same advice goes for pearl storage — whether loose pearls or strands of pearls stored together — keep metal separate from nacre.

Long-Term Care

how to wear pearls everyday

To extend the life of your pearls, it's important to handle and store them carefully:

Separate storage:

To prevent scratches, keep pearls in a soft cloth pouch or separate compartment in your jewelry box. Pearls are delicate, and storing them incorrectly can damage them easily.

Regular restringing:

If you wear your pearls often, consider getting them restrung every year so they don't break. Knotting in between each pearl with silk or nylon thread will stop them from rubbing together as well.

Steer clear of extremes:

Pearls prefer moderate conditions. Avoid exposing them to excessive heat, dryness, or humidity. This can make their surface crack or become dull-colored.


how to wear pearls everyday

How often should I clean my pearls?

You should clean your pearls every time you wear them using a soft cloth. To achieve a deeper clean, opt for a soft cloth that has been slightly dampened. But steer clear of hot water or any cleaning agents.

Can I wear my pearls in the shower?

No, it is not recommended to wear pearls in the shower, pool, or any other water activities. Water and soap can weaken the silk thread and dull the pearls' luster.

What should I do if my pearls get scratched?

If your pearls get scratched, take them to a professional jeweler for assessment. They can often polish out minor scratches and provide advice on preventing further damage.

Personalizing Your Pearl Style

how to wear pearls everyday

If you think pearls are only for old-school looks, think again! There are plenty of ways to make your pearl jewelry feel unique and modern. Just try out a few of our tips:

Mixing Pearls with Other Jewelry Pieces

how to wear pearls everyday

If you want to update your pearls, try wearing them in combination with other types of jewelry. For example, layer a pearl necklace with fashionable chains made of gold or silver.

Stack pearl bracelets alongside ones made from solid metals. Or perhaps wear several pearl rings together – interspersed with simple bands in a different metal.

By mixing styles like this, you create an original look that shows off your own taste brilliantly. Experiment too with different finishes and colors. The contrast between smooth and textured or matte and shiny surfaces can make your outfit more visually arresting.

Customizing Pearl Jewelry for Individual Style

how to wear pearls everyday

One great idea to add your personal touch to pearl jewelry is customization. Choose pieces that blend pearls with contemporary design. These may include geometric patterns or colored gemstones. Experiment with materials such as leather or beads.

Another option is teaming up with a jeweler to craft exclusive items reflecting your style. Think about giving heirloom pearls a modern setting or threading charms and pendants onto a traditional string.

These custom details turn conventional pearls into unique pieces of wearable art that truly suit your sense of style!


how to wear pearls everyday

As a versatile accessory, pearls can add an effortless touch of sophistication to your daily style. If you select the right ones, wear them with flair and look after them well. They needn't make you feel dated. Simply choose contemporary designs and enjoy their ageless allure.

Pearls have the power to lift any outfit – even jeans and a T-shirt – for a trip to the shops or lunch with friends. They can also ramp up professional office attire or be worn for cocktails with heels and a little black dress.

Make pearl jewelry your own. Do this by choosing different lengths or layering necklaces. You can also add enhancers to earrings. This way, your individual taste shines through, and it becomes part of your signature wardrobe. Don't save it "for best."