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White Victoria Comprehensive Guide to Buying Freshwater Pearls

From Pearl Farm to Perfection: The Intricacies of Culturing Pearls

Unlike saltwater pearls, such as South Sea Pearls or Tahitian Pearls, which grow in saltwater oysters, freshwater cultured pearls are nurtured within the nacre of freshwater mussels on specialized pearl farms.

These organic hosts can produce a bountiful harvest of up to 50 pearls simultaneously. What sets freshwater pearls apart is their remarkable size, which can be up to 10 times larger than their saltwater counterparts.

Origins of Freshwater Pearls: A Gift From Nature

Freshwater pearls are primarily cultivated in China, where pearl farms dedicated to Hyriopsis cumingi (triangle shell) and Hyriopsis schlegeli (Biwa shell) are prevalent.

In addition to China, Japan is known for producing freshwater pearls from bivalve mussels in lakes, riverbeds, and creek bottoms.

The Biwa pearls and Lake Kasumigaura pearls showcase the diversity of freshwater pearl sources. The United States, specifically the Mississippi River Basin, also contributes to the freshwater pearl market.

However, it's important to note that Chinese pearl farms dominate the global freshwater pearl industry, accounting for the majority of freshwater pearls available today.

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