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pearl necklaces and bracelets

Pearl necklaces and bracelets have always been popular for their beauty and timelessness. They can make any outfit look more elegant and refined whether you wear them alone or with other pieces of jewelry. 

But what do we know about where pearls come from and what makes them special? We will take a closer look at pearl bracelets and necklaces, the different kinds of pearls used in them, and how to wear these beautiful items.

If you are interested in fine jewelry or just like learning new things, read on! You may discover some facts about pearls that increase your enjoyment of wearing them.

Pearl Necklaces 

pearl necklaces and bracelets

For hundreds of years, pearl necklaces have been worn as a sign of elegance and grace. Their shiny glow can make any outfit look more polished—and that's why every jewelry box should contain at least one. 

After all, you never know when you'll need to dress up a jeans-and-T-shirt combo for lunch with friends or add the final touch of chic to a fabulous new frock before hitting the town.

But which style? What length? And how to wear it? Don't worry: We've got all the answers right here!

Styles of Pearl Necklaces 

pearl necklaces and bracelets

If you need a pearl necklace, there are plenty to choose from! They come in different styles, each with its own unique charm:

•       Classic Single Strand: You can't go wrong with this one—it's elegant and timeless. Wear it for any occasion!

•       Multi-Strand: If you want something that makes more of a statement, try multiple strands of pearls. It's luxurious and dramatic.

•       Choker: This style fits closely around your neck and has a lovely vintage feel. Save it for evenings out.

•       Opera: A long strand of pearls can be worn as is or looped double for a different look—it always adds class.

•       Pendant Style: Modern and stylish describes necklaces featuring a chain from which one (or more) pearls hang(s).

Lengths of Pearl Necklaces 

pearl necklaces and bracelets

To enhance your look and match your outfit, consider the following necklace lengths:

•       Collar (12-13 inches): Sits snugly around the neck; works well with open necklines.

•       Choker (14-16 inches): A timeless style that rests at the base of the neck.

•       Princess (17-19 inches): The most common length, suited to crew and high necklines.

•       Matinee (20-24 inches): Tops for both professional settings and casual wear; falls just above the bust.

•       Opera (28-34 inches): Pairs nicely with high necklines; also ideal for fancy evening ensembles as it can be worn long or doubled up.

•       Rope (over 45 inches): A versatile option with flair; it creates a layered look when wound more than once.

Occasions to Wear Pearl Necklaces 

pearl necklaces and bracelets

If you have a pearl necklace, consider yourself lucky -- and incredibly stylish! These necklaces are hot items because they can be worn for so many different events. Check out our tips below on how to rock yours:

•       Formal Events: Whether you're wearing a ball gown or cocktail dress, there's nothing like these gems to add elegance. Try a classic single- or multi-strand necklace.

•       Business Attire: Want to look polished at work? We suggest princess or matinee lengths. They're not too fussy for the office but still oh-so-refined.

•       Casual Outings: Who says pearls are only for stuffy occasions? Certainly not us! Pop on a choker style (it'll hug your collarbone) with jeans, and watch the compliments roll in. Or choose a pendant necklace with your favorite T-shirt—it's just fancy enough.

•       Special Celebrations: When it comes to anniversaries, weddings, or important parties—heck, any big deal event—you simply cannot beat opera and rope-length necklaces. Both stunners will ensure that all eyes are on you (in the best way possible).

Pearl Bracelets 

pearl necklaces and bracelets

When it comes to pearl bracelets, there is nothing more classic or flexible. A pearl bracelet adds sophistication to anything you wear. Even better, its appeal doesn't fade with time. 

Whether you want to elevate your everyday look or dress up for a special occasion, the perfect pearl bracelet can make all the difference. Let's see what makes these bracelets so timeless and elegant and how they can be worn with anything – and anywhere!

Styles of Pearl Bracelets

pearl necklaces and bracelets

If you want to look elegant, there are many different styles of pearl bracelets available:

•       Single Strand: These bracelets are simple and unadorned – perfect if you prefer things that way.

•       Multi-Strand: If you want something big and fancy, multi-strand bracelets have more than one row of pearls and say "luxury" like nothing else.

•       Cuff: Pearl meets metal in this modern style, which puts a new twist on an old classic.

•       Charm Bracelet: Why limit yourself to pearls when there are so many other pretty things out there? Charm bracelets let you personalize with more than just pearls (but those are nice, too).

•       Stretch Bracelet: Casual yet refined—these slip-on/slip-off styles make looking good almost too easy.

Versatility of Pearl Bracelets

pearl necklaces and bracelets

Pearl bracelets can be worn for many different looks and events:

•       From Day to Night: You can wear one or a cuff bracelet at work and keep it on for going out after hours.

•       Stacking: Create an arm party by wearing several pearl bracelets together or mix with other types of bracelets.

•       Combining Styles: Mix pearls with watches, bangles, or other jewelry styles for an eclectic look that's all your own.

•       No Season Restrictions: These bracelets look fabulous with sleeveless sundresses as they peek out from under winter woollies.

Occasions to Wear Pearl Bracelets

pearl necklaces and bracelets

Whether you're dressing up or down, there's never a bad time to wear a pearl bracelet: 

•       Formal Events: A multi-strand or cuff style will elevate your look at weddings, galas, and other black-tie parties.

•       In Business Settings: A single strand or charm bracelet adds polish without overpowering an outfit – ideal for work.

•       Casual Outings: Opt for either a stretchy band style or one with charms for laid-back activities like brunch with friends, shopping trips, or meet-ups at the café; it'll lend chicness and ease to jeans ensembles or sundresses alike.

•       Special Celebrations: Marking an anniversary or birthday bash? Look amazing in photos by wearing a knockout multi-strand bracelet; cuffs are another favored option.

Choosing the Right Pearl Jewelry

pearl necklaces and bracelets

When choosing pearl jewelry like a necklace or bracelet, there are important factors to consider: color, size, and type of pearl. Keep these tips in mind when picking out the perfect piece.


pearl necklaces and bracelets

If you're wondering how big your pearls should be when designing jewelry, know that size matters. A strand of tiny pearls, around 6-7 mm in diameter each, creates a subtle and delicate effect that's great for wearing every day. 

But if you want something more luxurious—say, for a special occasion—a statement necklace or bracelet made with larger pearls (8-12 mm) does the trick nicely. 

Picture wearing a choker strung with 10-mm pearls to a formal event: tres chic! Or try accenting your daily outfit with a 6-mm pearl bracelet. It adds just a touch of class.


pearl necklaces and bracelets

There are many different colors of pearls, and each one gives off a special feeling. White pearls are classic and can be worn anytime with anything. Pink or lavender ones are lovely and sweet—they're great for weddings or anniversary dinners.

Black pearls (which are usually Tahitian pearls) have a unique, exotic vibe that's perfect if you want to stand out at a party or big event in the evening.

Think about what will go well with your skin tone as well as your clothes when picking out pearl color combos. If you're wearing a business suit, white pearls would rock! If it's a cute black dress kind of night, why not wear black pearl jewelry with it?


pearl necklaces and bracelets

Various kinds of pearls bring different characteristics to your jewelry. Akoya pearls are famous for their intense shine and roundness, so they're great if you want classic bracelets or necklaces. 

Freshwater pearls cost less but still come in lots of shapes and colors – they're perfect for something versatile with a twist. 

White and Golden South Sea pearls make a big impression thanks to their luxuriousness and size: go for these if you want jewelry that really stands out.

Styling Tips

pearl necklaces and bracelets

Whether you're dressing up or going for a casual look, don't underestimate the power of pearls! Follow these suggestions to wear pearl bracelets and necklaces in style.

Casual Chic

pearl necklaces and bracelets

Why not wear just one string of pearls with a plain T-shirt or blouse for an easy yet stylish outfit? It'll make even the simplest top look elegant – but not too dressy. 

Try brightening up a white T-shirt and denim jacket combo with a single-strand white pearl necklace when you're meeting friends for brunch or having a low-key day out. 

Make your accessories feel well thought through by also wearing a bracelet in the same color gems.

Business Elegance

pearl necklaces and bracelets

In a professional environment, wearing pearls sends a message of elegance and self-assurance. One way to wear them for business meetings or presentations is with a princess-length necklace – that is, 17-19 in (43-48 cm) long – over a blouse along with a blazer. 

This kind of necklace adds refinement to your look without making too strong a statement. Likewise, with a pearl bracelet worn alone with a well-cut suit, you will come across as someone who has taken care of their appearance and looks capable.

Evening Glamour

pearl necklaces and bracelets

If you're going to an evening event like a dinner or cocktail party, choose jewelry that stands out. For example, wearing several strands of pearls around your neck with a plain black dress can give you a dramatic look. 

You can combine, for example, Tahitian pearl pendant with a Multicolor Tahitian pearl necklace. Plus, people will notice how nice your pearls are when they see them up close near your face. 

You might also want to wear multiple pearl bracelets so your arms don't feel left out: a beautiful South Sea baroque bracelet and Tahitian Black Pearl Black Mesh Crystal Necklace.

Romantic Vibes

pearl necklaces and bracelets

Pearls are also perfect for creating a romantic look. For example, if you wear a lavender pearl necklace with a dress that is loose and flowing, it will give you softness and femininity – ideal for evenings out with someone special. 

Wearing a bracelet made from the same type of pearl as your necklace can help make your outfit charming, too. In fact, some people might say it looks enchanting overall!


pearl necklaces and bracelets

As fashion continues to change rapidly, one thing that never goes out of style is pearl jewelry. Whether they're draped around your neck in a necklace or worn on your wrist in a bracelet, pearls bring an unmatched level of class and can be worn with anything.

No matter if you want to look casually cool, business chic, red-carpet ready, or like a love-struck date – there's nothing that polishes off an outfit quite like pearl jewelry can. 

All you need to do is choose the right size, color, and type of pearls for your ensemble! Discover the radiant elegance of pearls. They're perfect for adding that finishing touch of refinement to any outfit.