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The best pearl to buy depends on your needs. Akoya pearls are the best for classic fashion looks.

If you want style, Baroque pearls will serve the purpose.

For a regal and luxurious look, South Sea pearls fit the bill. Freshwater pearls are the best if you want value for your money.

Review of the Best Type of Pearl to Buy?

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

Akoya pearls: Akoyas are among the best-cultured pearls you can find today.

They are perfectly round and have a metallic luster.

Most Akoyas are farmed in Japan, while Vietnam and China produce them.

With their white color, mirror-like and bright luster, perfectly round shape, and 2.0 to around 9.5mm size, they are the classic while pearl of the pearl world. 

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

South Sea pearls: This is the ideal pearl if you want to make a fashion statement. Elegant, large, and silky luster.

The Queen of Pearls of the pearl world. They can average up to 12mm and sometimes grow to 20mm.

South Sea pearls are rare and elegant. Their palette of white and natural gold colors has a delicate overtone.

They are the largest and most luxurious pearl type in the market.

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

Tahitian pearls: They are perhaps the most unique because of their natural black/dark color.

They have an exotic vibe and come in dark colors like darker Charcoal grey, dove grey, and jet black.

These colors stand out because of their unique green, purple, peacock, and aubergine overtones.

They range from 8mm to 18mm. Perfectly round Tahitian pearls are rare and valuable.

If you want an exotic look, get yourself a fine strand of Tahitian pearl.

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

What is the Best Size of Pearl to Buy?

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

Akoya Pearls

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

Akoyas have a typical size range of 6mm to 9mm.

The most popular and ideal size of Akoya pearls to buy are those within 7.5-8mm.

You can go for a smaller size, around 6.0 and 6.5mm, if you are a younger woman.

South Sea Pearls

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

Because of their large sizes, they are best with necklaces. South Sea pearls start at around 9mm and can reach 18mm.

They could even go up to 20mm sometimes. The ideal size may depend on the jewelry.

For instance, around 11mm to 12mm is ideal when buying a bracelet.

Generally, you can also go for an average-sized South Sea pearl, around 9mm to 10mm.

Tahitian pearls

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

Tahitian pearls have more value if they are bigger.

You can find them in sizes ranging from 8mm to around 18mm.

You can get your hands on real value if you can find large ones.

Anything between 8mm and 10mm is suitable when you are buying Tahitian pearl necklaces.

And anything between 10mm and 12mm is suitable for earrings.

Freshwater pearls

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

Freshwater pearls are usually around 6mm and can grow to around 11mm.

Pearl farmers are also making larger ones that reach 14mm.

Whether you are attending an official or social occasion, freshwater pearl jewelry allows you to stand out.

Anything between 11mm and 14mm works well for necklaces.

For pendants, look for something around 6mm to 9mm.

Depending on your fashion style, you can also opt for smaller bracelets of 7mm to 8.5mm.

What is the Best Style of Pearl Jewelry to Buy?

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

Here is the thing. No one way or style fits everyone. So, it depends on your style, personality, or personal choice.

But here are some of the best styles to consider when next you go shopping.

Pearl Stud Earrings: If you are looking for simple, sturdy, and versatile pearl jewelry, stud earrings are an excellent fit.

They can be classic and work for different colors, outfits, and occasions.

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

Pearl Drop Earrings: These are more suitable for formal occasions.

So, think of your award ceremonies, official dinner parties, weddings, Etc.

Drop earrings are classy and sophisticated.

They come in different forms like chandelier, teardrop, and dangle.

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

Pearl Bracelets: Aside from necklaces and earrings, bracelets are a great way to elevate your fashion.

They add a touch of sophisticated elegance and are generally versatile and easy to pull off.

You can find bracelets in several sizes and style profiles, like cuffs, charm bracelets, and bangles.

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

Pearl Necklaces: Necklaces are perhaps the most common type of pearl jewelry.

They are versatile and come in different styles and lengths.

Some necklace styles are multi-strands, matinees, and chokers.

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

Where is The Best Place to Buy pearls?

Online pearl retailer: White Victoria

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

White Victoria offers authentic pearls of different styles, sizes, and quality.

You get to select from a wide range of available options. And what's more?

You enjoy free shipping, personalized customer care services and after-sales support, and a 60-day return on shipping.

There is something for everyone in White Victoria's online store, whether you are on a budget or want to splurge.

Luxury Retail Stores

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

Luxury retail stores are also great places to buy pearls, especially if you want something high-end.

One of the most famous ones is Tiffany & Co.

They specialize in all types of jewelry and offer unique designs and attractive packaging.

Aside from Tiffany, Mikimoto is another well-known luxury brand that retails pearl jewelry.

Whether you want something for a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, you will find something.

Online Marketplaces

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

This list would be incomplete without online marketplaces. Think about Macy's, Walmart, Amazon, Etc.

You can find lower-price pearl jewelry here. However, please note that these platforms carry commercial-quality pearls.

So, you may not get top quality with them.

More often than not, jewelry from these marketplaces will be inconsistent, and you may not be able to get any customer service help as they are not pearl specialists. 

Online Auction Websites 

Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

If you want a bargain or want to buy used pearl jewelry, you can find them on auction websites like Etsy and eBay.

But we will advise that you stay away from these platforms as there are no guarantees, quality control is low, and you may buy a fake pearl.


Best Kind of Pearl to Buy

Buying pearls is an art form. First, you need to know how to identify genuine pearls.

Once you've locked that in, you then consider the best kind, type, size, and style of pearl jewelry. 

Your choice will depend on your fashion style, intended use, and budget.

Once you are ready to buy, you can consider online marketplaces, luxury retail stores, and online pearl retailers, and you can take advantage of the wide product range, expertise, and customer services of White Victoria.