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Dewdrop Collection
Revel in Renewal

Discover the Dewdrop Collection by White Victoria, where pristine beauty meets vibrant energy. Meticulously selected white pearls and delicate 18K gold chains bring to life jewelry that resembles glistening morning dew. Each piece evokes purity and enchantment, capturing the shimmer of dew on fresh petals at dawn.

With meticulous craftsmanship, the white pearls are gracefully arranged along golden chains, harmonizing simplicity and sophistication. Embrace the poetry of nature's moments with the Dewdrop Collection, adorning yourself with jewelry that embodies purity and vitality and cherishing the preciousness of each new beginning.


Discover a variety of our pleces
Crafted from 18 gold and designed by experts who dedicate their lives to making exquisite and memorable creations, our pearls reflect the beauty of th..
Ex Tax:$425.00
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Ex Tax:$642.00
These elegant pearl earrings are perfect for those who prefer drop-style earrings and add a touch of luxury and glamour. These versatile and timeless ..
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Ex Tax:$1,571.00
Elevate your style with our 10.0-11.0mm Peacock Green Tahitian Pearl Diana Pendant. Exuding luxury in every detail, this pendant features an exquisite..
Ex Tax:$585.00
This pendant features a lustrous and sizable white freshwater pearl, carefully selected for its beauty and radiance. The pearl boasts a diameter of 12..
Ex Tax:$489.00
Elevate your style with the 12.0-13.0mm Golden South Sea Pearl Daisy Diana Pendant. Meticulously crafted in 18K gold and featuring AAAA quality pearls..
Ex Tax:$1,280.00
These 18k gold pearl drop earrings are crafted with a traditional touch and offer timeless elegance. They feature a 4A grade White Saltwater Akoya pea..
Ex Tax:$639.00