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Experience unparalleled luxury with the 10.0-11.0mm Tahitian Pearl & Opal Drop Earrings in 18K Gold - AAAAA Quality. These exquisite earrings exude opulence, featuring magnificent Tahitian pearls of AAAAA quality gracefully suspended alongside mesmerizing opal gemstones, all set in a lavish 18K ..
Ex Tax:$2,190.00
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these earrings showcase the timeless allure of AAAA-quality grey Tahitian pearls, ranging from 12.0mm to 13.0mm in size. Set against the richness of 18K gold, these earrings emanate a luxurious radiance that complements the natural luster and uniqueness o..
Ex Tax:$1,114.00
Elevate your elegance with our 18K Gold Halo Stud Earrings featuring exquisite 8.0-9.0mm Tahitian pearls of AAAA quality. The pearls' lustrous depths are complemented by a halo of diamonds, creating a sophisticated blend of luxury and grace that effortlessly enhances any look. Experience the timeles..
Ex Tax:$642.00
These captivating earrings showcase lustrous, ocean-sourced pearls with a mesmerizing range of colors, set in luxurious 18K gold. Experience the allure of genuine Tahitian pearls known for their uniqueness. Elevate your style effortlessly with these exquisite earrings that perfectly balance personal..
Ex Tax:$214.00
These earrings showcase genuine Black Tahitian pearls ranging from 9.0mm to 10.0mm in size, elegantly set in sterling silver. With their alluring dark hue, exceptional AAA quality, and tasteful design, these earrings combine sophistication and uniqueness, making them a captivating choice for formal ..
Ex Tax:$228.00
These earrings embody sophistication with their minimalistic design and exceptional craftsmanship. The deep, lustrous black Tahitian pearls, ranging from 9.0mm to 10.0mm, exhibit a captivating sheen that reflects a world of timeless beauty. Set against the backdrop of luxurious 18K gold, these studs..
Ex Tax:$557.00
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