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Elevate your style with our 10.0-11.0mm Peacock Green Tahitian Pearl Diana Pendant. Exuding luxury in every detail, this pendant features an exquisite AAAA quality Tahitian pearl with captivating peacock green hues. Set in 18K gold, the pendant's design perfectly showcases the pearl's unique and all..
Ex Tax:$585.00
At the pendant's heart lies a magnificent Tahitian pearl, known for its striking dark hue and captivating iridescence, reminiscent of the magical aurora in the night sky. Surrounding this Tahitian beauty are delicate Akoya pearls, celebrated for their exquisite luster and classic charm, creating a d..
Ex Tax:$342.00
This exquisite pendant showcases the natural beauty of two different pearls, expertly crafted to create an elegant and unique floating design. At the top of the pendant, a lustrous 6.0mm Akoya pearl gleams with its renowned brilliance and perfectly round shape. At the down, a stunning 9.0mm Tahitian..
Ex Tax:$285.00
This exceptional pendant showcases a luxurious and rare Grey Tahitian pearl ranging from 9.0 to 10.0mm. Tahitian pearls are esteemed for their distinct color range, and the mesmerizing grey hue of this pearl adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to the piece. The pendant features a modern an..
Ex Tax:$499.00
This pendant features five stunning 9.0-10.0mm Tahitian pearls, known for its striking natural color variations that range from dark charcoal to shimmering peacock green. Tahitian pearls are highly sought after for their unique and exotic beauty, making them a prized gem in the world of pearls. Addi..
Ex Tax:$1,561.00
The pendant's design emphasizes a clean and understated aesthetic, allowing the captivating beauty of the Tahitian pearl to take center stage. The floating setting showcases the pearl's natural radiance from all angles, creating an enchanting play of light that will capture hearts and draw attention..
Ex Tax:$547.00
This stunning pendant features a magnificent Tahitian pearl ranging from 9.5 to 10.0mm. Tahitian pearls are highly prized for their rich, dark colors and natural iridescence, making them a coveted choice for sophisticated jewelry. The AAAA quality designation ensures that the pearl possesses outstan..
Ex Tax:$580.00
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