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A magnificent piece of style and luxury. A perfect 11.0–12.0 mm white South Sea pearl with a rich, creamy tint and extreme brilliance is the main feature of this pendant. A dazzling diamond bezel set in 18K gold highlights the pearl and adds a hint of refinement and glitz. A 16–18-inch chain that ca..
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Proud to showcase this elegant design boasting a beautiful Saltwater South Sea pearl measuring 11-12mm in diameter. The quality of this pearl is determined by a set of criteria, including its size, color, luster, and shape. This 3A-grade quality White pearl is unique and remarkable, bringing to life..
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This exquisite piece marries the timeless allure of a lustrous South Sea pearl with the brilliance of diamonds, all set in a meticulously crafted 18K gold paisley design. The pendant exudes an unmatched radiance, showcasing the highest caliber AAAA quality. A symbol of sophistication and refinement,..
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Introducing the 12.0-13.0mm White South Sea Pearl Queenie Pendant in 18K Gold - AAA Quality embodies elegance and luxury. This exquisite pendant showcases a pristine white South Sea pearl, carefully selected for its exceptional size and radiance, ranging from 12.0mm to 13.0mm. Nestled in a meticulou..
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Discover the captivating beauty of our 13.0-14.0mm White South Sea Baroque Pearl Wings Pendant. Exquisitely crafted in 18K gold, it features a rare and lustrous AAAAA quality South Sea baroque pearl, complemented by delicate wings. This timeless masterpiece promises an enchanting and unique addition..
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This pendant necklace is the perfect way to celebrate your love. The chain is fresh and pure with a shimmering dewdrop that delicately adorns leaves in a garden at the dawn of a new day. The pearlescent radiance of the South Sea Saltwater pearl lights up your face, making it a statement of delicate ..
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The stunning South Sea pearl pendant from the White Victoria's classic jewelry collection features a single lustrous White pearl suspended on a delicate chain. Measuring 13-14mm in diameter and made with 18k gold, this exquisite pendant is perfectly spherical and captures the eye with its mesmerizin..
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The 4A-grade White pearl is one of a kind, characterized by its size, color, luster, and shape. This unique masterpiece is crafted to perfection and exudes luxury as it shimmers with every movement. The pearl's high luster and quality are truly unmatched, making this design a statement piece of eleg..
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Discover the enchanting Loki South Sea Pearl Pendant Necklace, an elegant masterpiece that exudes sophistication. With a radiant South Sea pearl as its centrepiece, delicately suspended from a sleek and versatile pendant, this handcrafted necklace captivates with its timeless beauty and versatility,..
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Introducing the 16.0-17.0mm White South Sea Pearl Glows Pendant in 18K Gold. This stunning pendant showcases a radiant white South Sea pearl, selected for its impressive size and luster. The exquisite 18K gold setting enhances the pearl's natural beauty, combining classic sophistication with modern ..
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An exceptional Saltwater South Sea 4A grade white pearl in 18k gold floats from a dainty chain, forming a modern yet timeless necklace. Completely flawless and perfectly round, this incredible gem has White color and an extraordinary luster rarely seen among the other pearls. Its color is entirely n..
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