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You can find pearls in many styles and overtone colors, from classic white, yellow, golden, pink, and blue to black and almost every shade. Some of which are expensive and in high demand. Because of the number of pearl colors available, finding the right one might be challenging. With some research and years in the jewelry industry, this article will offer you the perfect answer.

White Pearls

White pearls are the most popular color of pearls on the market. This time-honored color represents innocence, purity, tranquility, beauty, new beginnings, and honesty; their timeless quality assures they will last for a long while.

White pearls have three distinct overtones: cream, rose, and silver. Whether you choose budget-friendly Freshwater, lustrous Akoya, or premium-size South Sea, you can’t go wrong with this classic hue.

Black Pearls

Black pearls are at the other extreme of the spectrum. They represent power, control, protection, allure, mystery, and resiliency. Black Freshwater and Akoya pearls are usually treated to achieve their dark hues; the only naturally occurring black pearls are Tahitian pearls, prized for their metallic sheen and iridescence.

Tahitian pearls don't have the black shade; their primary body hues vary from the lightest Silver and Dove Gray to an extremely Dark Charcoal Gray.

There is an actual rainbow of hues in their secondary overtones, but the most well-known and well-liked ones are Peacock, Silver/Steel, and Blue-Green. Other shades with well-known "exotic" connotations include aubergine, cherry, sky blue, pistachio, and more.

Golden Pearls

Gold pearls are pretty valuable, like all other gold objects, and ideal for people who appreciate better things. This warm, milky pearl color has many symbolic meanings, including riches, prosperity, courage, knowledge, success, independence, and refinement. Additionally, according to Chinese culture, golden pearls represent luck and prosperity.

These pearls are naturally colored, with hints of rose, neutral gold, silver, and green/bronze.

Pink Pearls

One of the unique natural pearl colors worldwide is pink. An excellent alternative to classic white, pink pearls offer a unique twist to any jewelry collection. Pink pearls often have a peach tone, but they can also naturally vary in tone from light pink to a dark plum hue.

This delicate pastel shade has various metaphorical implications besides its prominent association with femininity. Pink pearls represent healthy living, benevolence, love, kindness, compassion, loyalty, and happiness.