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The bracelet is classically elegant in design. And its coloring has a vintage essence. It is also the perfect party piece, set against your cocktail dresses and evening wear. This bracelet comprises 5.5-6.0mm 4A quality freshwater pearls with 'Very High' luster, our higher grade available. The brill..
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Meticulously curated, the lustrous white pearls, ranging from 10.0mm to 11.0mm, are artfully complemented by intricately intertwined silver accents. This exquisite bracelet showcases the pearls' natural radiance and adds a touch of modern sophistication, making it a captivating statement of refined ..
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Adorn your wrist with gems of nature to make a noticeable statement. A symbol of classic beauty, pearl bracelets look divine or even layered for a more modern appeal. Choose a multicolored overtone to set your mood and an ornately crafted clasp for a look that’s uniquely yours. This chic pearl brace..
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This exquisite pearl bracelet is crafted from 4.5-5mm freshwater pearls in shades of peach, pink, lavender, and white, creating a modern and elegant design perfect for day and night wear. Measuring approximately 7 inches in length, this bracelet boasts 4A-grade quality pearls that are lustrous and u..
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Designed to last a lifetime, each piece is beautifully handcrafted, allowing you to cherish every day while looking gorgeous. Add a touch of fashion to any occasion with this stunning 18K gold bracelet, featuring 4A quality, 5-6mm White freshwater pearls perfectly arranged in a stylish intermittent ..
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This gorgeous pearl bracelet is a beautiful combination of white freshwater pearls and 18K gold. The pearls are round, lustrous, and have a very thick nacre. The gold adds a touch of royalty to the design. This pearl bracelet can compliment any outfit and occasion and can also flatter any skin tone,..
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This exquisite pearl bracelet is both striking and alluring, with each individual gem perfectly reflecting its divine beauty. With high-quality 4A-grade freshwater pearls in a natural shade of lavender pink, this stunning piece is the perfect accessory for any chic outfit. Elevate your evening attir..
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Elevate your style with a stunning freshwater pearl bracelet that will leave everyone in awe of its radiance. The bracelet is beautifully crafted with a silver locking clasp and an elegant strand of freshwater pearls exuding warm and affectionate energy. The bracelet's centerpiece is a stunning fres..
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Elevate your style with a stunning freshwater pearl bracelet featuring a silver locking clasp and elegant strand of pearls. The timeless design by White Victoria showcases a captivating freshwater pearl, evoking the colors of a breathtaking dawn. Its mottled natural white color adds sophistication t..
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A silver locking clasp and a length of freshwater pearls for a fantastic beaded bracelet with a loving vibe flank the charm. A gorgeous freshwater pearl is brought to life, evoking the colors of a splendid and beautiful dawn. Presented by White Victoria, the beaded bracelet features smooth freshwate..
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The lavender iridescent luster of each gorgeous 3A grade 9-10mm freshwater pearl featured here makes this an ultra-feminine statement piece. Their natural, classic shimmer is enhanced by the fine silk they are strung upon & enhanced by the bracelet’s 925 sterling silver clasp.Fit for any glamoro..
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Experience the beautiful transformation with this modern 5A-grade quality White freshwater pearl bracelet that will take your look from ordinary to extraordinary. The stunning glow from these unique gems fuses an elegant, feminine appeal as they wrap effortlessly around your wrist. An ultra-chic sta..
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Introducing our Baroque Freshwater Pearl Bracelet & Gold Coin – a blend of elegance and modern charm. This bracelet features lustrous baroque pearls complemented by round coin charms, all delicately attached to an adjustable paperclip chain. The unique design adds a touch of sophistication to yo..
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This is an elegant Baroque Pearl Silver Colour Bracelet. It showcases lustrous baroque pearls beautifully set on a silver chain, creating a classic and timeless accessory. This bracelet adds a touch of sophistication and natural beauty to your wrist...
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Consider wearing our one-of-a-kind Purple Freshwater Pearl Bracelet that is as lovely as you are. This bracelet highlights the natural beauty and diversity of freshwater pearls in a dazzling palette of colors. Wear this bracelet and feel not just special but also confident. Our Purple Freshwater Pea..
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Introducing our White Baroque Pearl Openwork Rectangular Ring Clasp Bracelet – a stunning blend of sophistication and contemporary design. This bracelet features exquisite white baroque pearls elegantly arranged and secured with an openwork rectangular gold-plated ring clasp. The intricate detailing..
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This is a White Baroque Pearl Bangle with an adjustable design. It features stunning baroque pearls adorned on a flexible bangle, allowing you to easily customize the fit to your liking. This bangle offers a blend of elegance and versatility, making it a perfect accessory to complement various outfi..
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This is a White Freshwater Baroque Pearl Cuff Bracelet. It features beautiful irregular-shaped white freshwater pearls on an open cuff design. This bracelet exudes a unique and organic charm, making it a standout accessory that complements various styles and occasions...
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