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These 18k gold pearl drop earrings are crafted with a traditional touch and offer timeless elegance. They feature a 4A grade White Saltwater Akoya pearl measuring 9-9.5mm in diameter. These exquisite earrings add luxury to any formal attire. They possess a timeless charm and can be paired with other..
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Experience the epitome of elegance with our 2.0-2.5mm Keshi Akoya Pearl & Ruby Necklace - AAAA Quality. Meticulously crafted, this necklace showcases the unique beauty of Keshi Akoya pearls in AAAA quality, complemented by vibrant ruby accents for a touch of sophistication and individuality. Ele..
Ex Tax:$999.00
Introducing our exquisite Multi-Colored Small Akoya Baroque Pearl Strand Necklace, featuring pearls ranging in size from 2.5-3mm. This stunning necklace showcases the natural beauty and unique charm of baroque pearls, each with its own distinctive shape and vibrant hue. The array of colors adds a pl..
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This exquisite pendant features a collection of Akoya pearls, ranging in size from dainty 2.5mm to a captivating 8.0mm pearl at the center. The Akoya pearls are renowned for their exceptional luster and perfectly round shape, symbolising elegance and sophistication. The highlight of this pendant is ..
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This enchanting pendant features a mesmerizing arrangement of five Akoya pearls, ranging in size from 2.5mm to 8.5mm, creating a captivating visual effect that resembles a shooting star streaking across the night sky. Akoya pearls are renowned for their radiant luster and exquisite quality, making t..
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Indulge in understated luxury with our 3.0-3.5mm Blue-grey Akoya Pearl Chain Necklace - AAAA Quality. This delicate necklace boasts impeccable AAAA quality Akoya pearls in a serene blue-grey hue, elegantly strung along a chain. The subtle and captivating beauty of these pearls, ranging from 3.0mm to..
Ex Tax:$699.00
Introducing our 3.0-3.5mm Blue-grey Akoya Pearl Chain Necklace - AAAAA Quality, the epitome of sophistication and luxury. Meticulously crafted with exquisite AAAAA quality Akoya pearls, this necklace sets a new standard for elegance. The mesmerizing blue-grey hue, flawless surfaces, perfectly round ..
Ex Tax:$1,142.00
Elevate your style with our stunning 3.0-6.0mm Keshi Blue to Grey Akoya Pearl Necklace - AAA Quality, featuring unique Keshi Akoya pearls with a captivating transition from deep blue to elegant grey. This necklace embodies timeless elegance and individuality, perfect for both formal occasions and ev..
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Ex Tax:$427.00
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this necklace features lustrous blue-grey Akoya pearls ranging from 4.0mm to 5.0mm in size, carefully hand-selected for their exceptional AAAA quality. Each pearl exudes a captivating iridescence and is delicately spaced along an 18K gold chain, creating ..
Ex Tax:$285.00
Introducing our exquisite 18K Gold Chain Necklace adorned with Akoya Baroque Pearls, ranging in size from 4-8mm. This stunning piece showcases the natural beauty and unique charm of baroque pearls, each with its own distinctive shape and luster. The delicate 18K gold chain adds a touch of sophistica..
Ex Tax:$528.00
Elevate your style with our 4.0-8.0mm Multicolor Akoya Pearl Tin Cup Necklace in 18K Gold - AAAA Quality. This exquisite piece showcases a blend of lustrous Akoya pearls in various sizes, set in 18K gold, creating a sweet and charming look that perfectly balances delicate beauty and timeless eleganc..
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Elevate your style with our 4.0-8.0mm Akoya Pearl Flowing Pendant crafted in 18K gold - a true embodiment of grace and sophistication. The pendant features meticulously selected AAA quality Akoya pearls ranging from 4.0mm to 8.0mm, creating a flowing effect that captures movement and intrigue. The l..
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It is a perfect embodiment of playful charm and timeless elegance. These earrings gracefully capture a lively spirit with their delicate 4-5.0mm Akoya pearls, each hand-selected for their exquisite quality and radiant luster. Set against the backdrop of 18K gold, the pearls dance with an enchanting ..
Ex Tax:$237.00
Introducing our 4.5-5.0mm White Akoya Pearl Necklace - AAAAA Quality, a beacon of elegance and unparalleled quality. Crafted with the finest AAAAA quality Akoya pearls, this necklace exudes timeless sophistication, making it the perfect complement for any occasion. Its classic design and exceptional..
Ex Tax:$821.00
5.0-5.5mm White Akoya Pearl Balance Luxury 18K Gold Pendant featuring AAAA quality pearls. Combining elegance and sophistication, this pendant showcases carefully selected Akoya pearls, known for their exceptional luster and roundness. The pearls, ranging from 5.0 mm to 5.5 mm in diameter, are delic..
Ex Tax:$571.00
Introducing our 5.0-6.0mm White Akoya 18K Gold Double Pearl Pendant showcasing AAAA quality pearls. This exquisite pendant consists of two brilliant white Akoya pearls, each 5.0-6.0 mm, elegantly set in high-quality 18K gold. Akoya pearls are renowned for their luster and roundness, and the luxuriou..
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Elevate your elegance with our 5.0-6.5mm Akoya Pearl Meteor Pendant, a true embodiment of grace. Crafted in 18K gold and featuring AAA quality pearls, this pendant captures the beauty of a falling star. The lustrous Akoya pearl, ranging from 5.0 to 6.5mm, delicately suspends from the pendant, symbol..
Ex Tax:$249.00
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