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90s Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback in 2023
90s Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback in 2023
Platform shoes, chokers, and overalls - the ’90s was a memorable decade for fashion. From outlandish to classic trends, stylish looks of that era have been inextricably linked with music videos, rebel..
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90s Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback in 2023
10 Foolproof Ways of Wearing Pearl Necklaces Without Looking Old
Remember how we mentioned that pearls are a must-have, especially if you plan to look mind-blowing, breathtaking, and everything in between? Unquestionably royal, pearls can make you seem gorgeous and..
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The Top Bridal Jewelry Trends of 2023
The Top Bridal Jewelry Trends of 2023
I'm constantly surprised by how much jewelry can influence how you look and carry yourself. Whereas sweaters, trousers, blazers, T-shirts, and wedding dresses, designs, and fittings may serve as the f..
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16 Jun Lustrous Gems of the Pacific: A Complete Guide to Caring for Tahitian Pearls
Tahitian pearls have a rich history dating back to the 19th century when their discovery revolutionised the pearl industry. These pearls became symbols of wealth and prestige due to their rarity and stunning hues, captivating jewellery ent..

16 Jun Katherine Amelia Barnes
07 Jun The Ultimate Guide to Exquisite Freshwater Pearls: Unveiling the Secrets of Care and Maintenance
If you own freshwater pearls or plan to acquire them, it's crucial to understand how to take care of them properly. In this article, we will explore the best practices for maintaining the beauty and longevity of your freshwater pearls. So, ..

07 Jun Susan Miller
04 Apr Does a Pearl Bracelet Rust in Water? The Science of Pearls and How to Keep Them Safe
For generations, people have valued pearls as a reflection of luxury and refinement. The fact that mollusks, living creatures found in the depths of lakes, rivers, and seas, produced these unique treasures makes them special. Consequently, ..

04 Apr Katherine Amelia Barnes
28 Mar 6 Tips for Keeping Your Pearls Beautiful Over Time
f taken care of properly, pearl jewelry can be a valuable heirloom passed down for generations. Proper storage of pearl jewelry is essential in maintaining its longevity, luster, and overall appearance. This article provides guidelines on t..

28 Mar Katherine Amelia Barnes
13 Feb ​​How to Clean Earrings to Make Your Bling Sparkle Like New
Earrings are the perfect finishing touch for any dress, adding a little glam or shine to your appearance. However, it might surprise you how dirty your earrings can become as layers of grease, filth, sweat, shampoo, and other hair and skin ..

13 Feb Susan Miller
03 Feb How to Care & Cleaning Your Jewelry Like a Pro
Are pearls not so glittering? Is gold losing its shine? Are diamonds looking dull? Not taking proper care of your jewelry can lead to various consequences, from discoloration and tarnishing to damage and even loss. But fear not; with some k..

03 Feb Katherine Amelia Barnes
27 Jan How to Clean Your Pearls - A Comprehensive Guide
Caring for pearls correctly is essential to maintain their beauty and prevent them from becoming damaged over time. While diamonds are undeniably timeless, pearls can remain radiant and vibrant for generations when given adequate upkeep...

27 Jan Susan Miller
15 Nov Do Real Pearls Peel? How To Avoid Damaging Your Pearls?
Over time, I've had people send me concerns and worries regarding the appropriate maintenance of their pearls. By proper maintenance, I mean keeping, caring for, and making sure that pearls and pearl accessories last a good number of years...

15 Nov Susan Miller
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