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2024 Guide to Pearl Valuation: How Much Are Real Pearls Worth?
2024 Guide to Pearl Valuation: How Much Are Real Pearls Worth?
This article explores why pearl prices vary, from freshwater to South Sea varieties, examining how size, shape, color, luster, and surface quality impact their value to help you shop wisely.
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90s Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback in 2023
10 Foolproof Ways of Wearing Pearl Necklaces Without Looking Old
Remember how we mentioned that pearls are a must-have, especially if you plan to look mind-blowing, breathtaking, and everything in between? Unquestionably royal, pearls can make you seem gorgeous and..
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The Top Bridal Jewelry Trends of 2023
The Top Bridal Jewelry Trends of 2023
I'm constantly surprised by how much jewelry can influence how you look and carry yourself. Whereas sweaters, trousers, blazers, T-shirts, and wedding dresses, designs, and fittings may serve as the f..
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18 Nov Pearl - The Always Darling of the Fashion World
When it comes to timeless elegance, nothing quite beats a pearl-encrusted outfit. Pearls have been a staple in fashion for centuries and continue to be popular today. So a pearl outfit is a perfect choice, whether you’re attending a black-t..

18 Nov Susan Miller
15 Nov Do Real Pearls Peel? How To Avoid Damaging Your Pearls?
Over time, I've had people send me concerns and worries regarding the appropriate maintenance of their pearls. By proper maintenance, I mean keeping, caring for, and making sure that pearls and pearl accessories last a good number of years...

15 Nov Susan Miller
13 Nov How To Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Your Love
How do you celebrate your 30th anniversary? What is the symbol of 30 years of marriage? What gift should you give to your beloved one? Look no further! In this blog post, I will answer all of those questions for you, and you'll be able to f..

13 Nov Susan Miller
12 Nov The Ultimate Buying Guide on Pearl Earrings (5 Min to Find the Right one)
Are you looking to buy the best pearl earrings for your dear ones but don't know how to choose or where to start? Or have you been looking for ways to beautify your ears? Or do you just want to know this beautiful accessory better as you're..

12 Nov Susan Miller
11 Nov Akoya Vs. South Sea Pearls - Which is Right For You?
Should I acquire an Akoya or South sea pearl? Which is a better choice? Simply put, Akoya pearls are relatively small and very popular. But South sea pearls are scarce, expensive, and relatively significant...

11 Nov Susan Miller
10 Nov Are Freshwater Pearls Good Quality: Comprehensive Buying Guide
Freshwater pearls can be as beautiful and unique as any other type of pearl.  As a jewelry designer, I will create a short buying guide for you...

10 Nov Susan Miller
09 Nov What Is Nacre? How Does It Impact The Value of Pearls?
So what gives pearls their value? In part, it's because of the unique way they're formed. Nacre — also known as mother-of-pearl — is a thin layer that coats the inside of pearl oysters and other mollusks...

09 Nov Susan Miller
08 Nov What Is a Pearl? Why Is Pearl So Precious?
Though many believe pearls are nothing more than a simple bead, they could not be more wrong. The truth is that pearls are one of the most precious gems in the world. In this post, I will explore the history and science of these gems, the p..

08 Nov Susan Miller
06 Nov Are Bigger Pearls Better? What's the Right Pearl Size for You?
Pearl size is essential in determining a pearl's quality and worth. A pearl's size, measured in millimeters, may range between 2 and 20mm depending on its nature and the time it took to culture. So, how do the sizes of various varieties of ..

06 Nov Susan Miller
05 Nov Is Cultured Pearl Real Pearl: A Quick Guide To Tell
Cultured pearls are those that have predominantly been grown with human intervention. However, does this process affect the pearl's value, originality, worth, and usefulness? With my long years in the jewelry industry, I'll be telling you e..

05 Nov Susan Miller
04 Nov How to Choose The Perfect Pearl Jewelry ( 5 Easy Steps)
After much deliberation, you have decided to put money into purchasing pearl jewelry, perhaps for yourself or someone else. However, you might be confused about how to choose the perfect pearl jewelry. Please do not fret; as a jewelry profe..

04 Nov Susan Miller
02 Nov How Much Are Pearls Worth? A Quick Guide To Real Pearl Pricing
Real pearl value can vary from hundred dollars to $100 million. On the other hand, the most significant part of real and natural pearl necklace jewelry can range from $100 to $2000...

02 Nov Susan Miller
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